programme transformation

Programme Transformation

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Morshead provides embedded support and long-term support to complex transformation Programmes, helping stakeholders achieve their funding and goals, alongside creating the right culture and evidence for change.

Programme Startup / Benefits Realisation / Enterprise Architecture / Customer Friend

Programme Startup

Morshead provides expert advice on the management of Project, Programme and Portfolio (P3M) across Defence.  We follow industry best practice tailored for Defence procurement including guidance on schedule scrutiny, change control, risk management and costing in accordance with JSP 892 and HM Treasury’s Orange and Green books. 

Morshead has authored Vision statement and Blueprints for Category-A defence Programmes and is experienced in getting Scrutiny approval of all Programme artefacts.    

As required, we can provide both embedded and remote support.

Benefits Realisation

Benefits Analysis is a systematic method for formulating complex, multi-factor investment appraisal problems where non-financial benefits dominate the decision-makers value system.  Defence has embraced ‘Benefits’ with an established Common Approach following the benefits life cycle where benefit initiatives are started and progress through six Maturity Levels (ML0 – ML 5) to move from ‘pipeline’ (ML0 – ML3), into ‘delivery’ (ML4) before finally being realised (ML5).  Morshead has provided expert advice on the application of the Common Approach including performance baselines, criteria for benefit recognition, indicator measurement and reporting. 

Morshead has worked closely with the CAAS Efficiencies, Benefits, and Analysis Team to develop the Benefits Strategy and profiles for the Army’s Collective Training Transformation Programme.

Enterprise Architecture

Morshead uses Architecture tools and approaches to enable Programme coherence; to enable planning for a future that keeps on changing.  We use the building blocks of a composable architecture to embed adaptability in design enabling the enterprise to plan for many futures. 

Morshead brings value to enterprise architecture in Programme development by demonstrating the value of modularity, orchestration and discovery to real Programme outcomes.  We also provide expert advice on architecture governance ensuring appropriate leadership and oversight practices are in place for implementation.

Customer Friend

We believe that partnering effectively is key to delivering value.  Our team is experienced in working with teams in Defence to unblock problems, resolve complex delivery challenges, and shift focus onto emerging priorities. 

We do this ‘on the journey’ with the client and are flexible to veer and haul in response to emerging requirements, project lifecycle, and external context.  Morshead engage with the right people, always working alongside the client and directed by the client to deliver the right outcome.

As an independent consultancy we deliver advice and support, rather than technology and product.