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Morshead has a strong capability to design and deliver technology trials.  Morshead provides a complete experimentation service from research design to power analysis, protocol design to event delivery, data collection, analysis and reporting.

Experiment Design & Delivery / Dataset Generation / Technology Trials / Wargaming

Experiment Design & Delivery

We regularly design, deliver and evaluate human-in-the-loop experiments, generating impactful reports for our Customers. We understand that any design requires careful a priori power analysis, taking into account the required power level, pre-specified significance level and likely effect size (within the constraint of the given sample size of soldiers available at every unit and possible drop-out rates).

Our team has written research protocols, advised the Research Sponsor on required authorisation and process, presented to the Army’s Scientific Assessment Committee (SAC) and achieved approval from the Ministry of Defence Research Ethics Committee (MODREC) in accordance with JSP 536 (Defence research involving human participants).

Dataset Generation

We can generate high-quality synthetic labelled datasets through the Unity Perception package to train AWS hosted machine-learning.

By combining this with procedural means of ‘tactical common sense’ placement that distils Subject Matter Expert judgement we blend the best of human and machine approaches.

data generation 1
data generation
Synthetic Models
To address the lack of real world examples
Synthetic Data
Thousands of samples procedurally generated
Synthetic Data
Control of placement and lighting
Synthetic Data
Informed by expert judgement
Real World
Validated against real world data
Simple Image Procedural Composition
Real Image or Synthetic Data?
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Technology Trials

Morshead can deliver focused experimentation with existing and emerging technology to support Commander sensemaking and decision-making, from exploring the benefits of enhanced reality through hand-tracking technologies, to understanding user-stress during events through combining heart-rate monitors with qualitative evaluations.


Morshead regularly supports the design and delivery of Wargames (seminar, manual and computer-assisted) and TTXs to test and explore existing and novel capabilities and force structures. 

We have good experience writing Concepts of Analysis and can provide expert advice to planning teams on means and methods of data capture, from qualitative observations through to quantitative data capture.

We can provide both BLUE and REDFOR players, as well as SME knowledge on Logistics, CBRN, ISR, Survivability and Cyber, alongside the provision of add-on tools to rapidly facilitate player actions and event or combat resolutions during game sessions. 

Shortfall analysis for Wargaming